Hey folks,
If you stumble across this site somehow, I just want to let you know the I'm some new content ready and hope to have an archive of the old site up as well. Look for some new metal coming soon!


12/18/2016 5:36am

v nice.

07/02/2017 11:04pm

This looks like a real cool site. I love the dark background an neon green font. It reminds me of my favorite season which is Halloween. My son loves it too. He loves all those pumpkins. He also listens to heavy metal music. I am sure he won't be embarassed by any of the stuff I have written about him. He is only four.


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12/18/2016 7:37am

Can't wait to check it out. I hope you won't forget to update this website.

04/11/2017 9:54pm

I can't see any new content here. Well, I guess you will just post it later.

04/26/2017 3:55am

Great information on your site here. I love this post because we can get some useful information from your blog. I expect more post from you guys.  

05/06/2017 9:53am

You will post some metal music songs here? That's nice. I will check them later.


As per the claims of the writer, I will be really waiting for some really new content to be uploaded at this blog. This blog has always posted useful and unique content and will also not disappoint in future as well.


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